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September 7, 2020
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Finding a Low Cal Diet That Will Help You Succeed

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Very low calorie diets are just one possibility out of many different types of diets. You shouldn't try one of these diets without some medical advice as they restrict your intake of calories to very low levels. They are sometimes recommended by doctors for patients who need to lose a lot of weight quickly, but they are not safe for everybody. In this article we'll be looking at some features regarding very low calorie diets.

For people who are obese and are suffering from their weight related condition, the main advantage of a very low calorie diet is that they can lose weight very quickly. They can lose up to 20 lbs per month as it's possible to lose 5 lbs each week on this kind of diet. This can be very beneficial, sometimes even life saving for people who may have hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol. The guidance of a doctor for this type of weight loss is very important, especially so if you are already getting treatment for a health condition. In order to maintain your weight loss for the future you should establish a plan with your doctor. There has been research done that suggests there are no benefits from going on a very low calorie diet as opposed to a diet that's just low calorie. On a typical low calorie diet you can eat between 800 and 1500 calories each day, whereas a very low calorie diet limits you at 800 calories or less. Due to fluid loss, the initial weight lost will be more if you're on a VLCD. However, studies have suggested that after a few months a VLCD isn't any more effective than a regular low calorie diet. Furthermore, a VLCD usually has some nasty side effects, like dry skin, fatigue, headaches and hair loss, among other. So, a VLCD might be best in some cases for medical reasons, however a traditional low calorie diet might be better for most people to lose weight.

From the point of view of overall fitness, very low calorie diets have serious drawbacks. By severely restricting calories, you'll be losing muscle mass as well as fat, which can be unhealthy for a variety of reasons. With women the risk of osteoporosis rises with this kind of diet, as dairy products and other leading sources of calcium are usually restricted. Of course, working out with weights or other resistance training can help to maintain muscle mass, but very often people who are on very low calorie diets lack energy. In some cases, anemia can be a risk. So, while a very low calorie diet may be appropriate if you're obese or your excess weight presents a serious health risk, it may not be the best idea for the average person.

In conclusion, very low calorie diets aren't the best solution for everyone, but if you need to lose a lot of weight, and your doctor tells you it's safe, you may want to try such a diet. There are a few different options, some of which we've looked at in this article. No matter what kind of diet you're considering, though, it's best to do your research and look at a variety of opinions.


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