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April 18, 2020
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Boost Your Bodybuilding Potential with Glutamine Supplements

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To tell you that protein is an essential building block of our muscles is an understatement. You might look at the connection as a no-brainer but seriously, you won't get a well-built body without the help of protein or even its simple building blocks. We have heard about amino acids for so many times already and without any doubt, they are indispensable for virtually all physiological processes involved within our body.

From making hormones and antibodies to building muscles, amino acids are at the helm of almost all processes that keep us alive. They have been classified as either essential or non-essential depending on their availability in our body. We all know that our system is capable of making essential amino acids that are needed for the normal anabolic-catabolic processes but more often than not, we find our body in need of some non-essential amino acids. Such is the case for glutamine, an amino acid that one can't simply get from a normal diet. And if you are a bodybuilder or someone who aspires to be one, glutamine must be at the top of your list of the most important amino acids needed to support both muscle growth and repair. This is the reason why glutamine supplements started to make some noise in the fitness industry, it doesn't just work as a safe product that supports muscle growth because glutamine, per se, is an amino acid that does wonders to our health and wellness.

Now, if you're curious about how a simple amino acid can help you gain muscles, it will be better if we start focusing on how a person develops muscles in the first place. According to experts, the actual muscle gain usually occurs after working out and not prior to that. Now, once a person starts his normal exercise regimen, the body will undergo a temporary catabolic state which means that the more you stretch those muscles, the more glycogen and protein stores you will lose. And for a person to develop increased muscle mass right after doing an exercise, products that leads to both faster recovery and quicker protein uptake must be used. I'm not only pertaining to recovery drinks or protein bars here because they also contain sugar that serves as an energy booster.

The ideal product is the one that can provide sufficient protein supply and allow muscles to recover at a faster rate without causing any adverse effects. And when it comes to these, glutamine supplements are the ones to beat. These products are ideally taken just before working out to increase the circulating amino acids. They also enable to body to have enough nitrogen stores that it can use to recover faster right after doing the exercise. In addition to that, glutamine can also help in building muscles by converting the process of protein breakdown into protein synthesis. Lastly, glutamine also plays a vital role in fortifying one's immune system so fighting against infections will be a breeze.

When it comes to safe and effective protein supplements, glutamine tops almost every list. Many people have proven its effectiveness so it will be up to you if you're going to give it a try. But remember, just like any other products, glutamine supplements will work more if you combine protein supplementation with discipline and perseverance in reaching your goal of having a jaw-dropping body to die for.


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