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September 12, 2020
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Elliptical Exercise Machines - 3 Key Features to Look at When Shopping For an Elliptical

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Looking for the best elliptical exercise machines? Elliptical trainers are a great way to get low impact, high calorie burning exercise.

But with over 30 different brands on the market - and hundreds of models to choose from, where do you start?

How do you know what to look for when comparing ellipticals? Shopping for athe right crosstrainer can be a challenge these days. So with that in mind, here are 3 key features to consider in order to find the best elliptical exercise machines for your home:

#1 Stride Length

Stride is the furthest distance between elliptical pedals. A longer stride feels more natural and gives you a fuller range of motion for your lower body. Most people prefer an 18 - 21" stride for maximum comfort.

Cheaper ellipticals will give you a shorter stride (i.e. 14 - 16"). This stride doesn't really work your leg muscles fully. Plus it tends to feel choppy and bumpy. So you're getting an inferior (not to mention less comfortable) workout.

Look for a stride length from 18 - 20". Taller people usually prefer 20" or more whereas shorter people (under 5' 2") will probably prefer an 18" stride.

Some ellipticals even come with adjustable or changing stride lengths. So for example, when you change the incline the stride will widen or shorten - which again helps you to choose the most comfortable feeling stride for you.

#2 Console & Fitness Options

Consoles vary across the board in terms of what you get. Cheaper consoles will be smaller and not backlit so it's hard to see your workout stats like time, calories burned etc.

Look for a fair-sized console that is backlit. Many people prefer consoles that give a constant display of your workout stats instead of toggling back and forth.

As far as fitness options go - you can find everything but the kitchen sink here. It really depends on your personal preferences as to what you want and think you'll use.

For example, you can get machines that offer iPod docks with speakers, personal-trainer-designed workouts, online workout tracking history, workout fans and one-touch resistance buttons. There are even a couple of crosstrainers coming out this year with built-in web browsers.

#3 High Quality of Construction

A high quality elliptical will be built to give you an ultra-comfortable, natural feeling ride. For example, some models are now offering a more ergonomic design like closer foot pedals (which reduce the strain on your hips), adjustable strides, articulating foot plates (which follow the natural motion of your heel and again reduce the stress that sometimes come with static pedals) and even a more upright design so you're not leaning on the armbars as much.

Other signs of construction quality are a heavier user weight capacity (a sign of higher stability) , ergonomic design, and a long warranty. Plus, if you take some time to research and read some elliptical exercise machines reviews, you'll notice that certain brands keep coming up as high quality brands over and over again.

So those are 3 key things to look for when comparing elliptical exercise machines. By taking the time to research before you buy, you're well ahead of most buyers - and you're pretty much guaranteed to find something that you love!


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