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June 26, 2020
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Continue Your Walking Program While On Travel

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When youre away from home, it can be a real challenge to stick to your walking routine. Try these tips to stay on track, reduce stress, and stay fit no matter where you are. Stay safe. You need to keep your wits about you, especially when youre in an unfamiliar area. Dont walk at night, and dont walk alone unless youre somewhere with plenty of people around, such as a mall. Always be aware of your surroundings, and stay on marked trails or streets. Rethink headphones, and either dont listen to music or use only one ear bud to leave the other ear free to listen to your surroundings. Use the hotel treadmill.Most hotels have a fitness room, so hop on the treadmill for a safer walk. You can watch TV, read a book, or listen to music while youre walking. Try to choose a treadmill that gives you a good view of the fitness room, and periodically take a good look around. Ask about the best trails and paths around town. If youre on a business trip, ask your coworkers or clients where they walk, and theyll point you to good areas. If youre on vacation, ask your hotel, travel agent, or local liaison for ideas where to walk. Do it at the same time every day. Make a date with yourself and keep it. When youre on vacation, you may feel like abandoning your walking program, but dont do it. Stick with your habit, and allow yourself to explore new places. If you walk daily at home, walk daily when youre someplace else. Have a backup plan. If your hotel doesnt have a fitness room, or youre in meetings from morning til night, you need an alternate plan for exercise. Some walkers pack exercise videos they can play on their laptops in their hotel room, while others will simply walk around the hotel or swim instead. If youre on vacation, take the opportunity to walk as many places as you can, or pick two points and walk back and forth between them. You never know who you might meet! If worst comes to worst, you can always dance, march, or do jumping jacks in your room. Walk in to a fitness class.If youd rather try something new while youre on vacation, drop in on a yoga or aerobics class. You may find a new favorite activity or one that you can alternate with walking. Walk while waiting.If youre on a layover or waiting for a tour bus, walk around. You may get your daily amount of exercise in while youre waiting. The more you move, the better youll feel. Exercise also helps combat jet lag. Being in a new place is a great excuse to try a new routine, but its not OK to let your walking routine lapse. Substitute an equal amount of another exercise, or try a new way to get your walking in.


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