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April 19, 2020
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Best Reasons to Join a Walking Club

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Joining a walking group or walking club gives you social interaction while getting fit. So often, exercising is a solitary activity, so walking with a group gives you someone to talk to as well as support and encouragement. You can gently push each other to reach for new fitness goals and strive to make every moment count. Here are some good reasons to join a walking group: Joining a group is a great way to exercise. When you walk with others, youll be enjoying yourself so much youll walk longer and farther than you would if you were on your own. Your cardiovascular fitness will improve, and youll feel great!It will help your motivation. When you have a group depending on you, especially if you truly enjoy their company, youll be more inclined to keep up with your walking. There will be days you dont feel like walking, and those are the days youll need to just do it because not only are you doing it for yourself, but youre also doing it for your group. While a walking club will help your motivation, often the members have various levels of motivation. You can help by keeping your attitude positive and your own motivation high. However, keep in mind that not everyone in the group will have a good attitude like you do. Youll meet new friends and keep exercise fun. What better way to socialize and get to know people than to walk with them? When you join a walking club, youll instantly be part of a new social circle and have plenty of new friends to have fun with besides walking. Having someone to walk with ups the fun level, and the time flies while youre walking. Youll get to know your group members and become important parts of each others lives. Your group may also provide you with opportunities to network personally and professionally.Youll find a camaraderie you cant find anywhere else. When you join a walking club, youll have an instant bond with a group of people trying to accomplish the same thing: staying fit. You want to find a walking club with members you can get along with and enjoy being around. Youll be spending a lot of time with them doing something that you may not always want to do, so a good fit is vital. As in the above tip, you want a group that will be there to help you, just as you will help them.You can find walking groups in the newspaper, online, at stores that sell supplies such as walking shoes, and at hospitals and doctors offices. Take your time selecting a group so youre happy with the outcome.


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